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Welcome to Custom Controls – a company specialising in Crestron Home Automation Systems and bespoke Home Cinema Installations. As an award winning dealer and installer of High End Home Automation & Entertainment systems – we specialise in large residential systems for discerning private clients. We have offices in London and Cheshire, with extensive contacts in Dubai, and undertake projects around the world. A huge number of case studies show everything from home lighting controls through to high end home cinema rooms, from one room through to homes spanning multiple buildings. The size and budget of our projects vary wildly (from £25,000 to over £1 million!) but each has a consistent theme – Quality. Since 1998 we have delivered home technology beyond client expectations.

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Easy to Use Smart Home Control Systems – High End Home Automation

Our Smart Home Systems make it very easy to control a huge amount of devices in the home. Home Entertainment systems distribute high definition audio and video around the home, heating and cooling controls ensure the perfect temperature and lighting controls set the mood. Control of all these subsystems is via custom created interfaces – either wall mounted touch panels or iPads – which provide a common theme to each control. There is no need to master different remote controls or switch things on in a certain order. Systems tightly integrate devices so we get excellent reporting and 100% reliable control.

Bespoke Audio Video InstallationsMulti-Room Music Systems

We install high quality, flexible and future proof multi-room and whole house audio video systems. Clients enjoy any video source (Sky HD, Apple TV etc) anywhere in the home with cutting edge digital music systems allow music throughout. Rooms can operate independently or together for impromptu parties or to ensure you dont miss a thing whilst moving around the home. Our unique designs allow future devices to be quickly and efficiently added at a later date – ensuring an audio video system that the whole family will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Since 1998, We have Exceeded Expectations. Flexible Maintenance & Support.

At Custom Controls we always aim to go above and beyond client expectations and are still in touch with, and maintaining, systems which we installed over 10 years ago. Our custom installations usually allow us to gain remote access for pro-active monitoring and fault finding which also enables us to make client changes remotely producing a speedy and efficient response to requests. All our systems benefit from 12 months of warranty ensuring complete satisfaction. Custom Controls also undertake support work and maintenance for clients who had an original installation by a third party – we offer this support on a time and materials basis or as part of an agreed maintenance plan.

London | Cheshire | Dubai – Working Worldwide

With offices in London & Cheshire (Manchester) we are well placed to cover the whole of the UK. We regularly work further afield with active projects in Dubai, Nigeria, Morocco, France and Spain. We love to travel for the right project – get in touch below to see how we can help!

Commonly Asked Questions

This is incredibly difficult to answer! Each project is bespoke and every client is different. Our usual process is to get a brief from the client and plans of the home, we can then work out an initial approach (with costs) which we can then run through with the client. It’s important to note that the cost of a system can vary by as much as 50% simply due to the quality of speaker systems, number of lighting channels etc – this gives us huge amounts of flexibility to meet a clients budget requirements.

The systems on our case studies pages vary in cost from approximately £35,000 to £1million+.

We are often asked by clients whether it is possible to integrate a device or automate a specific function – our answer is nearly always yes! We can integrate any electric device in the home and we work with bespoke automation experts – such as Future Automation – to make movement mechanisms for almost anything. We haven’t had to say no to a client yet – if it is physically possible we will automate it!

Some previous examples are irrigation systems, smart glass and fire pits!

Get in touch with us as early as possible! Our infrastructure needs to be integrated in to the very fabric of the home so the earlier we can design cabling and feed information to other trades the better. If we can also influence the selection and installation of other subsystems such as heating, air conditioning or security then we can ensure a very tight integration – ensuring realiability and providing the most functionality. We also produce heating and energy plans for our larger projects – ensuring the whole home runs efficiently and as economically as possible.

Yes! Our systems are designed to be extremely easy to use. As we bring multiple devices together on to one remote control or interface our systems are easier to use than the individual systems. For example a simple heating page with a temperature set point allows you to easily make the room cooler or warmer – the fact our system controls underfloor heating and air-conditioning is transparent, if the room needs to be cooler we switch off the underfloor heating and bring on the air-conditioning. We can control multiple devices through one easy to use interface.

All your AV devices have the same look and feel so it doesn’t matter if you are controlling Sky, Apple TV or Amazon TV – the interface is the same. We can even create custom shortcuts to frequently used services – in Dubai the home page of the kitchen touch panel contains radio station favourites allowing clients to switch on the radio, their most common source in the kitchen. This understanding of the clients requirements and the power of our systems combine to create the perfect Smart Home system.

Our systems are regularly used by visitors and staff, some of whom don’t speak English – there is no training required to use one of our systems.